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Roger's right!!!

Originally Posted by rogerstg
No, it will not hamper your fishing, That is not a heavy 8 wt reel.
I've fished twice (four hours each day) with this setup and I have found no problems with it. Actually, the precision of my casting has improved dramatically (which might be a case of an extra eight hours of practice). I casted further, my arm never fatigued, I never broke off a fly; however, I didn't catch a fish. I blame the latter on the streams heavy flow/milky color more than anything.

I did however learn more about aquatic insects from my father in law (he's a biologist), saw a fawn nursing on its mother and harvested some boletus mushrooms. Both days were perfect.

I would love to upgrade my reel to something new and beautiful, but after this experience I can't justify the expense. I really love gear (my bikes and snowboards can prove that) but I entered fly fishing from a different perspective: I want to hunt my own food. I want to be meditative on water. I want simple, elegant experiences that contrast with the complexity of American culture. (but I bet one day my love of gear will win out and I'll be back on the forum asking advice of expensive reels )

Thank you all for your advice.

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