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Big Belly:

I will continue to respond when the water carriers do not state facts.

You seem to forget that everyone who put in for the winter draw WAS made aware that there would be extra rods (I re-pointed that out to you last time). If they did not like it they did not have to come and fish. If you do not like the rules and regulations then by all means fish somewhere else. It won't be long before mandatory outfitting and guiding is in place here in Quebec so much of the hullabo will disipate in time. It won't be soon enough.

You have mistaken me for someone who cares what you or others think; the rods are there and will be used for my clients. The day I had no anglers I used 2 for a guide and myself. No one seemed to whine that day; only people who were not in sector seem to be whining.

I will make a note that you think it is wrong. Let me know what other "wrongs" I can add to the list. Your opinion is most appreciated. Say hi to Pinnocchio and the black widow for me.