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Anchor trolley system installed

I spent an hour or so this evening installing a simple anchor trolley system on the kayak. What this device allows me to do is move my anchor line anywhere from bow to stern so that I can set up for optimal fishing angles from the kayak. A line is run through some loops and runners along the port side of the kayak, and each end is tied to a solid plastic snap. The anchor line is clipped inside of the snap, so that when the running line of the trolley is moved fore or aft the anchor line position moves with it.

I spent last year simply tying the anchor off of the rope cleat right on the side, resulting in a great deal of drag. With the anchor line coming off of the kayak at a right angle, any wind or tide going against the side of the craft made solid anchoring very difficult. Now I can set the anchor line to be directly to the stern (the most likely fishing scenario to allow casting downtide) or anywhere up to the bow. The bow and stern positions provide minimal drag, and anchor sets will be more solid. It's also nice to have some flexibility.

Field tests and feedback will come soon.
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