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Hey Earle!

The rivers on the Gaspe are fishing well; you should be in for a treat. The York, Dartmouth and St. John all have good numbers of fish, as do just about all the rivers on the Gaspe. At about time I left they needed water but from what I understand they are getting a good amount of rain, so you should be in good shape when you go.

The one thing that kind of stunk was having the extra Malbi river rods on the reserved zones. They made the zones kind of crowded, not much different from fishing the open water. However, they still fished well and we got fish. In fact the open water fished very well also. Got my biggest fish of the trip from Zone 1.

One thing that kind of through me for a loop was that the owner of Malbi lodge and his head guide fished one of the reserved zones using the extra rods he was given by the Quebec government for his business. I was under the impression that he was given these extra rods because he needed them to stay in business and here he is using them for his own personal recreation? Interesting!!!

In any event you should have a great trip when you go. All the best to you and give us a report when you get back.