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Early June Gaspe quotes

Tony A. "You're kidding, right?"
Yankee Brian S. " Dya think this screw is loose ?"
Charlie " Have you tried THIS beer ?"
Canadian Brian S. " Sorry officer I COULDN'T have been going THAT fast ? !!"
Gorgeous waitress in La Brize " So your friend T isn't married ,no?"
Tony A. "You're really kidding ,right? She SAID that ?"
John M. " %&&^% %^$$#@@# and %^$$#@*&&^"
[Name censured due to lawsuit(s) } " Also censured by Juro due to foul language "
H.L. " Tabernac that's COOL !! "
M. "tabernac ca s'est COOL "
Pierre ' Tabernac COOL !!!!! "
Ann S. "hang on ,my phone's ringing"
Yankee Brian S. " There goes my Bougle "
Charlie "there goes MY bougle !! BTW have you tried THIS beer ?"
Tony A. "there goes MY Bougle"
Canadian Brian S. "here ,let me translate for ya !"