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Popper problems

Greetings o wise men from the fly-talk forum

When the evenings here in the Netherlands become longer and warmer. I'd like to spend them poppering the dutch ditches for yellow perch. Because this is a type of flyfishing that is seldom performed here, I can't buy any poppers in the flyfishing stores. So I developped my own micro poppers made from cork sticks that are being used for carp fishing. The result of this you can see in the pictures below.

These little flies tied on a size 8 to 10 hook can be compared to your panfish poppers I think. The flies work wel and make a lot of noise on the surface only the problem is that, when fished, they start spinning. In the beginning this is not a big problem but at a certain point, the whole leader starts twisting, what is very annoying.

I tried fishing them with a heavier leader point and puting rubber legs on them for more stability but none of this seemed to help.

Does anyone of you guys know the answer to this problem or is it simply impossible to make a micro popper go stable through the water.

I'm looking forward to your suggestions!



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