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Wow! A Valid Reason to Buy A New Reel!

Don't pass this up.

Reels are, to me, the most wonderful of all fly-fishing gear. A good rod is a bit like a favorite dog, you love them to death, but they don't live very long. Sooner or later rods wear out, get superceded by better graphite formulations, or snap off in some misadventure.

Reels, on the other hand, are forever. They become heirlooms; rarely can you wear out a quality reel to the point where it cannot be repaired. Any chance or excuse to purchase a new reel, whether to balance a light outfit, to fish saltwater, to have that back-up spare, to collect a treasure, or whatever, should be acted on if at all possible.

Quality reels, and you should buy quality whenever you can, only appreciate. Reel design should factor into your choice. There are many styles to choose from -- from space age, gadgety things to the classic form of the Perfects and the Bogdans. Chosing a style is a matter of aethestics; find something that pleases your eye in the weight range you need for that five weight.

Buy that reel, when and if you can. You won't be sorry and you'll have a life-time pleasure from using it.


-- Eric

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