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Matching Weight of Rod and Reel Important??

I am back visiting family in Oregon and brought my relatively new 5 wt. St. Croix setup and noticed that sometime between fishing the Hams Fork (on the drive over) and fishing the Grand Ronde that my reel broke.

My father in law, being an awesome guy, gave me an old Scientific Anglers System 8 (made in England by Hardy Bros Ltd.). Its a really well cared for reel and is nicer than the one that came with my Premier setup, but it's an 8 wt. I put the St. Croix's 5 wt. line on the reel but I want to know if the differences in the weights of the rod(5 wt.)/reel (8 wt.)/line(5 wt.) will hamper my fishing?? I am pretty new to fly fishing and don't want to make life harder on myself than the typical loss of flies, snagging line, breaking line, hooking myself, slipping and falling in rivers and missing bites.

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