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I just bought the flytedeck ( chest pack and like it a lot. It's very small--really just a step above a lanyard, but it doesn't get in your way like so many other chest packs. Basically, it's a medium-sized flybox mounted on a small frame with a built-in rod holder and with a comfortable strap that wraps over your shoulders and around your back. The frame has four zingers and two bottle holders built into it. I use one of the bottle holders for floatant. The other holds a small bottle filled with split shot and strike indicators. There's also a small pouch for tippets--it's designed to hold just two tippet spools and maybe a leader package, but you can fit four thin tippet spools in it (I thread two tippet tag-ends through each of the two holes provided for tippet ends--3X and 5X coming out of the left hole and 4X and 6X coming out of the right hole). Finally, there's a small pouch that holds the flybox, frame, and strap, but doubles as a little back pack. You can easily fit one or two extra spools, a leader wallet, and an extra flybox in this pouch. For minimalist trout fishing, it's perfect. If you want to carry more than what I listed above, though, you'll need something bigger. I used to have a larger chest pack, but it seemed bulky and in the way a lot. Also, the bigger package seemed to tempt me to always carry much more than I really needed. The flytedeck forces me to be disciplined and just carry what I really need.
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