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Get yourself a good anchor, chain and rhode. I would suggest a Danforth hi tensile first and a Fluke second. This style anchor is the best all around anchor for your area. It holds well in mud. sand and mixed bottoms but like all anchors does not hold in Kelp, seaweed or eel grass. I think you should get the 13 pound size or close too it. That size is for boats up to 33 feet but that is BS. If you get caught in an emergency on a windy day it will have about 900 pounds of holding power,( wind poundage against your hull) and your new boat will be well under that untill it blows 35 knots . Get 30 feet of galvinized 1/2 inch chain a couple of galvinized shackles and about 100 feet of 1/2 inch anchor line. That will cost you for everything a couple hundred dollars but is is well worth the insurance of knowing you are going to hold on one of those days we wish we had never gone out in the first place. Remember the rule of at least 3 to 1 scope/ depth all the way to 7/1 scope for very windy days.
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