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Has this morphed?

Wind power is all over Eastern Oregon and Washington its not much different than looking at all the transmission lines for electricity. As far as placing windmills in the Ocean it sounds like folly to me, evrything I have ever done on the ocean that required moving parts took way to much care and maintanace compared to the same amount of machinery on the land.
As to the subject of Ethanol it takes 500,000 gallons of water over a three month period to raise an acre of corn for the production of Ethanol and if we were to try and replace all "Mid EastOil" with home grown Ethanol it would require the use of 97% of the available agricultural lands now generally in production.( information from an in depth program on investing in energy on CNBC)
Obviously we are not going to do any such thing so we need to continue to try and conserve and to build up public transportation and do more research on Hydrogen Fuel Cells and some form of a clean coal burning process. While a bit convuluted burning coal and pumping the CO2 effluent under ground to produce more oil sounds interesting but I am betting some funds on Hydrogen (putting money where the ole mouth is)
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