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Dont make up your opinion on this post too soon, but,isnt that an example of "not in my backyard"!Everyone critizises those in power for not doi ng anything,but then they wont let anyone do anything!Personaly,I am against wind power.I think they are Cousinarts in the sky.They will take up a tremendous amount of real estate to make a difference.I love the wide open spaces and dont especially think oil companies have done well in the distant past.However,I think it makes sense to drill anwar on a space the size of a pastage stamp on a football field.I would prefer that to windmills everywhere,including on the flats,carving up migrating birds and waterfowl.Which brings up other ?'s.Why has no one bitched about development of Canadian tar sands?Again,I would rather do horizontal drilling for oil than rip up gazillion acres of northern forest with draglines and D10's and then heat up all that ripped up earth,to extract oil.That sounds worse to the envirnment to me!I cant believe no one has taken pictures of all the deforestation and ripped up earth.No outcry.Maybe I am wrong in my analysis, but I think it is worth exploring.I have seen no questioning of this! I did not hear of any oil spills in last years horrible hurracanes.But you guys and florida and california wont permit drilling.Where would we be without the gulf.And ,of all things ,It seems that the best fishing is around the platforms!!!Now,dont forget,I am against windmills on the flats.It does seem that the best place for them would be the base.My point is, not in my back yard and let us not blindly adopt alternatives that may be worse for the enviroment!!Everything has a cost.Ethanol will take a tremendous amount of land.Therfore what happens to wetlands ?What happens to Pheasants?There is something bad about all alternatives.Lets dont be blind and lets make sence in our choices.Beau
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