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Craig.....I didn't see any boats surf side on SB the last 2 times I went. No fish visible either day as well although one guy I hooked up with had one good day surf side this year (last week).
It seems to me that the season is later this year....i.e. blue fish haven't showed yet in Chatham...they are usually there 5/15 to 5/20 ish.....stripers are presently only coming on the flats for brief moments (with the exception of what the Simms clan saw one day last week) last 2 trips had stripers on the flats for about 2 hrs in the a.m.....nothing in the afternoon.
I'm no expert given that I have only 5 yrs under my belt.......but my guess is that the season is starting late due to cold water/frequent days with north winds and rain storms and low day/night time temps in comparison to seasonal averages. 3 weeks ago I saw massive #'s of sandeels....last 2 times, not a one.
I really don't think that there has been a consistent weather pattern as of yet that sets the wheels in motion with some consistency....of course....that day could be today. Sure is fun checking though 3 to 4 days of consistent S-SW winds with temps in the upper 60's/70's should start what we are all hoping for.
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