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Originally Posted by juro
The Simms clan quotes George Ryan as saying that a couple of days prior (Thursday) had the most fish on the flats in all his years of guiding on Monomoy....
Thursday was great fun! The fish were primarily small, but we did see some big ones. The challenge was to present the fly to them... there were thousands of fish and a schoolie would invariably grab the fly.

I was fishing with Dennis Kelly down by the Southway. I was "downstream" of Dennis in an area where the schools were coming up-current onto the flat. At one point, in the midst of the hordes of schoolies, I saw four big fish coming. I cast to them, made a couple of strips, and then hooked up!

I leaned back hard on what I thought was one of the big boys. I almost pulled the lips off an unlucky schoolie. Lucky I didn't fall in....

I yelled to Dennis to alert him to the approaching keepers. He replied that he had them in sight. He casted and smiled; I knew he had the fly right where he wanted it. Strip, strip... "Got him!" he yelled, leaning back on the rod just like I did. Another unlucky schoolie nearly got airborne. And so it went, through the outgoing, low and incoming tide.

Thank goodness they weren't all big fish. I would have had to call home to quit my job and put my house up for sale!

Good fishing,
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