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I did more paddling Sunday than fishing but it was interesting to see all the changes. The structure between Hardings and West common flats had changed quite a bit. The high points from last year are somewhat flattened out but the channels are still there so plenty of interesting structure to be explored by the careful wading angler. I had intended paddling into the crib via the Nortern arm of the West side channel but ran into solid sand about 1/2 mile from the clam flat. The bottom of the old channel is jet black and occupied by countless horseshoe crabs.

It was a long paddle South to get into the crib system but once there, the main Channel looks to be still well defined. The South branch that hugs the S Monomy shoreline looked inviting but the wind had picked up from the East and I wanted to check out the inside. Paddling into the wind and the sun resulted in some encounters with nice fish but by the time I put the paddle down and picked up the rod the shot was compromised. I was wishing I had a spin rod on board - maybe next time

I landed on the shoal that used to be the Seal's haul-out spot. Its now a very nice flat (if you have floatation) with various shallow scoop/ ledge structures. I had a couple of good shots here and managed to pull the fly from the mouth of good fish twice

I didn't go all the way South since there were so many boats already there but will definitely be headed back that way.

On the final paddle back up to the Tub, the wind dropped completely and the water was like glass. I spotted a few finning fish in the weeds and wished I'd brought my 5 weight. Long leader and small flies did the trick. Casting to one fish, the entire area erupted as a hundred plus bass all decided they didn't like the intrusion.

Finished up the day with nice fat 25 incher with good shoulders and covered in lice

p.s. Ron, tell Amy I like Purple too over rootbeer/olive/yellow/white.
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