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Flurocarbon and surface action and knots

I've been considering using a straight 50# flurocarbon leader (6') for my pike (big pike, 30-50") trip next week, as DbleHaul has suggested. As FC sinks, I was wondering how this will effect my poppers' and gurglers' (tied on 1/0 and 2/0 hooks) surface action. Will the FC pull the flys under water too much? No problem with streamers, of course.

As for FC and knots, I know that they can be tricky and may not hold under certain circumstances, so I just want to be sure that I'll be using the rights knots. I'm new to the slim beauty, but intend on using it where appropriate. And, I also plan on using the Homer Rhodes loop knot to tie on to the flies. I also like the no-slip loop knot. Will these knots (using 50# FC) hold well to the fly? I know that the HR loop knot is no where near 100%, but with a 50# line, I sure it won't matter, eh?

(Sorry for the double-post. First posted on Warmwater sub-forum, but then I saw this forum)

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