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As I don't have cable or a satellite dish, I know Andy only by his reputation and that's mostly with tarpon. I don't doubt that if he said that about blue marlin, he's probably found some place where it happens. I've had three chances at what were probably blues, but could have been stripers (striped marlin,) and only once did I even have the time to get a cast off. In my experience, limited though it may be, marlin just don't stay among the teasers but for a very short time. The one I cast to one in Costa Rica both the captain and the mate screamed "perfect cast" after I made it but the marlin just disappeared. It was only about 25 feet, but I guess I put it in exactly what should have been the right spot. Having had a lot more experience with sails since that trip I can tell you that about 90% of the sails would have eaten that same cast.
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