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Golden Oldies

Here are some books, many mentioned above, that I've learned from and enjoyed over the years. I've tried to include publisher and ISBN numbers where I could, as some of these are out of print. Also, I thought putting in the full titles of some of the books mentioned above might help those not familiar with the books track them down. Nearly all of the out-of-print volumes can be acquired from second-hand book sellers. My ISBN numbers refer to the books I actually own. These numbers may not match other reprints or editions.

AS = Atlantic Salmon specific; SH = Steelhead Specific; GEN = Mixed Bag

AS Ashley-Cooper, John A Line on Salmon HF&G Witherby, Ltd 1983 ISBN 0 85493 1430

AS Bates, Joseph & P.B.Richards Fishing Atlantic Salmon Stackpole Books 1996 ISBN 0-8117-0636-2 (elegant photos of elegant AS flies)

AS Chaytor, A.H. Letters to a Salmon Fisher's Sons John Murray 1925

AS Falkus, Hugh Salmon Fishing HF&G Witherby, Ltd 1984 ISBN 0-85493 1449 (much direct application to steelheading)

AS Green, Philip New Angles on Salmon Fishing George Allen & Unwin 1984 ISBN 0-04-799020-1 (very good analysis of greased-line method and modifications of same)

AS Taverner, Eric, Ed. Salmon Fishing Lonsdale Library, Seeley Service 1931 (this edition contains AHE Woods own description of his greased line technique)

AS Wulff, Lee The Atlantic Salmon Winchester Press 1983 ISBN 0-8329-0267-5 (again, much application to steelheading)

AS Phair, Charles Atlantic Salmon Fishing John Gull & sons 1995 ISBN 1-887269-03-7 (beautifully illustrated with Ogden Pleissner watercolors of Gaspe angling scenes)

GEN Bradner, Enos Northwest Angling Binford & Mort 1950

GEN Chatham, Russell The Angler's Coast Clark City Press 1990 ISBN 0-944439-12-8 (One of my all-time favorites -- fly-fishing for Chinook, Shad, Stripers, as well as steelhead)

GEN Egan, Van Rivers of Return Riverside Publications, 2003 ISBN 0-919537-59-6

GEN Gray, Zane Tales of Fresh-Water Fishing Derrydale Press 1991
(early days of steelheading on the Rogue and NF Umpqua)

GEN Haig-Brown, Roderick A River Never Sleeps Easton Press 1996

GEN Haig-Brown, Roderick The Western Angler Derrydale 1991 (get both volumes if you can)

GEN Leeson, Ted The Habit of Rivers Lyons & Burford 1994 ISBN 1-55821-300-7

GEN Ritz, Charles A Fly Fisher's Life Crown Publishers 1972 ISBN 0-517-503476

SH Combs, Trey Steelhead Fly Fishing Lyons & Burford 1991 ISBN 1-55821-199-5

SH Combs, Trey The Steelhead Trout Northwest Salmon Trout Steelheader, 1971

SH Finnelly, John Steelhead Paradise Mitchell Press 1963

SH Haig-Brown, Roderick Fisherman's Spring Wm Collins Sons 1975 ISBN 0 00 211584100

SH McMillan, Bill Dry-Line Steelhead Amato Publications 1987 ISBN 0936608-65-x

SH Meyer, Deke Advanced Fly Fishing for Steelhead Amato Publicatins 1992 ISBN 1-875-175-11-4

SH Raymond, Steve Steelhead Country Lyons & Burford 1991 ISBN 1-55881-126-8

SH Wahl, Ralph One Man's Steelhead Shangri-La Frank Amato, Pub 1989 ISBN 0-936608-85-4

This, of course, is only a very short compilation of the vast literature out there on fly-fishing for anadromous species. Just a personal list of books I've particularly enjoyed.

Hope this helps. Happy reading,

-- Eric

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