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I couldn't agree more!

Originally Posted by OC
Beau, how to strike fear into a man's very sole. If there is a place where fear should win out over bravery it is the Columbia River Mouth. There is no place like it that I know about anywhere in the world. Youth fills us full of experience's we hopefully are able to ponder in later years and that is one of them. Hope you caught fish that day.

As a side note: That is what my son wants to do for his career. To be a skipper of a Coast Guard boat on the Columbia River Mouth. At 13 he lives it on a continuous basis. He has my apporval, I would be proud of him if that is the path he takes.

Very early 1960's the CG sent me 'down there' for a bit of 'cross training.' When the skipper handed me a crash helmet (which I expected), a trapeze harness with short clips (which I expected), ... then he hands me a flack jacket for rib protection which I didn't expect. I was wrong, he was right.

The most increadable 2 hours of my life; we did 2 360's and several that were close to 270's. These guys were NUTS! But LOVED every moment of it. Told them I'd stick with my Smith Island/Juan De Fuca posting.
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