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Thanks Juro, when I see pics like Wolfgang's I get real excited. You know there must be 2000 Atolls out there in the pacific and many of them no longer have any people living on them and have not for years. Just a few cruisers visit them in a given year. Lot of flats and hopefully lots of easy surf to make me feel young again.

That cat would be perfect for Cape Cod flats, get a trailer for it and a long shaft 3 HP outboard. Those cat's are lite enough you could drag it by yourself down to the water. Over on the bay side the sand is hard enough you could just back it down to the flats. You could steal one of those nice white flag poles from the yards of the rich along the beach front for your push pole.

Hope the weather back your way is perfect for stripa's this weekend and you all start hooking some big girls.
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