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Juro, you caught me there on the stiff rod phrase - I put my foot in that one, too often when someone speaks of a stiff rod they actually mean fast rod and I've automatically come to think of fast rods when someone says stiff. Yes, it's fast rods I like, although I frequently find that fast rods are also stiffer than an equivaent moderate action rod as well which is another reason I think of fast rods when you say stiff.

I don't have a lot of time at the moment to expound on it but to me, a tight loop is promoted by several things but all these things contribute to the real factor: the path of the rod tip which includes the circular arc it describes when the abrupt stop occurs and the rod is unloaded. Because a moderate action rod bends more deeply for the same load, by the very nature of that bend it throws a larger loop (i.e., less "tight") than a fast action rod which bends with more of the tip and thus a smaller 'arc'. So, for the same casting stroke and load, the fast rod's tip will describe a smaller arc and thus a tighter loop results. Now, as far as I know the only way to compensate for a slow rod's tendency to throw a bigger loop than a fast rod is to do the "swoop" which Joan Wulff describes in one of her books. I already have a "swoop" which helps me throw tighter loops but I find that I have to use a much bigger swoop with a slow or moderate action rod and I dislike having to do this.

Personally I like the very short time of recoil of the rod - I find that I have plenty of time even with the fastest of rods I've tried (including TCR's) to get the loop exactly the way I like it, but I'll also admit they are less forgiving. It was observed on another board that it may very well be that I like fast rods due to my own physiology - predominance of fast twitch muscle fibres, participation at a high level in many sports that require very fast hand speed (martial arts, boxing, fencing, racquetball, race cars, etc). I just know I love the feel of a crisp, fast rod in hand and moderate to moderate fast rods do not put a smile on my face.

I think I misunderstood your statement about the Dannielson's drag - when you said the it's "the best out there" I now think you meant the best in terms of price/performance ratio - originally I thought you meant the the best out there, period...sorry about misunderstanding...

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