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Thinking this through a bit more, much of this could be perception. What is a stiff rod, verses a fast rod? I love casting and fishing fast rods, but not stiff ones.

As a casting instructor I've learned to begin by getting the mental picture clear and synchronized. This is often an important basis for establishing the physical aspects of casting.

So let me begin by saying that my interpretation of 'stiff' rod is a rod that does not hold the energy available from the mass and resistance in the line opposed by the stroke of the arm in a comfortable place. In other words, because that compression of forces can not establish itself in the flex profile, a feeling of pressure on the wrist and forearm occurs rather than a feeling that there is a good load somewhere up the blank in a more comfortable place.

Also the interval between load and recoil is very abrupt and gives little time for correction or appreciation of the critical path of acceleration which is 50% of the recipe for a tight loop. What, in your opinion, is the recipe for a tight loop and tell me how a 'stiff' rod promotes it?

Another symptom is poor roll casting and single handed spey casting characteristics due to lack of loading from a D-loop.

I am not familiar with the Powell Tiburon but I will give it a toss. It could very well be that the rod matches my tastes and we have different perceptions of words to describe them. Perhaps you are familiar with the T&T H2 or the sage RPLXi and RPL series. How would you rate them?

Conversely I consider a rod fast when it uses it's taper characteristics and modulus to recoil the energy stored in the flex of the rod to generate line speed quickly. A rod does not have to be stiff to be fast. And not every rod that holds it's load in a comfortable location on the blank has to be slow.

Perhaps it's (as it often is) a matter of perception. So do tell, what are your perspectives on tight loops and stiff rods?
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