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Hey Juro, some of us love stiff rods...different strokes for different folks. Personally, although I can cast them, I at the opposite end of the spectrum from you - I can't stand slow or moderate action rods. Now, believe me, I don't "force" the rod to load - if you have a good casting stroke, IME, you can load any rod, fast or slow. It's all preference. I feel a stiff rod offers me the precision and response I want along with the ability to put together tighter loops and more efficient transfer of energy.

I'd also respectfully disagree about what reel has the finest drag out there. IMHO the best drag out there is on Charlton reels. Charlton reels have accounted for record big game fish far out of proportion to the numbers of them out there and the anglers who use them attribute a significant part of that success to the outstanding drag on these reels (including the record for blue marlin 297 lb., bluefin tuna 197 lb.,). Not to say other reels don't have good drags, but if you take a look at a Charlton reel's drag and how it's designed and tested, most agree it's the finest out there bar none.

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