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Originally Posted by SteelBoneguy

How do you like that TT, I've been around the Fly fish world for sometime but never have heard of a Danielsson reel. Fill me in when you get sometime.

Sorry I didn't see this until now.

The 7wt H2 is amazing. I cast it at the shows over the winter and could not believe how well it carries line without being stiff. I hate stiff rods, can't understand how people use them. The energy that goes into the line comes from the rod's load not the arm's forcing push, or more acurately a cooperation of the two. Some rods are so stiff the arm does all the work, like a 2x4.

The T&T H2 loads clean and progressively but gets all of the arm power into the stroke. I was especially impressed with the 7wt 4pc travel rod and that's what I bought.

I never fished any other rod the entire 7 days in Acklins, never needed to despite strong winds and some long cast demands. The problem with stiff rods is that the short game stinks, but the 7wt is supple enough to make quick casts in fact I hooked and landed a nice bone on a snake roll cast after missing one pod, 90 degree change and cast to another and bang.

With longer taper lines like the SA bonefish one can aerialize a lot of line and the H2 will take it in stride. Besides I love the aesthetics of the rod, and that matters a lot to me. As much as I am impressed with the more affordable rods I see these high end rods as more matched to my personal taste in fly gear (a very subjective thing I am sure).

The Danielsson reel is the former LOOP Evotec, they designed and built these reels for the international market for many years. Since their decision to sell direct after some turbulence in the LOOP relationship the reels are now available at an incredibly affordable price.

While working in the rod business recently I had to buy a lot of reels and I own a fair collection. Some have let me down, others have gotten me through hard duty. I can honestly say that these reels offer the price/performance balance I have been after and the sealed drag is probably the best out there. Combined with the aesthetics I am sold.

There are many great rods and reels out there as this thread proves. But as my goto bonefish outfit, I can't say enough about the H2 and the Danielsson combo.
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