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For 8 years I have used a Loomis GL-3 matched with a Lamson LP-3.5 and that outfit, though not top of the line, has worked well for me.

I am upgrading this year. I spent a long time checking reels and rods trying to decide. An Everglades and a XI-2 would be nice but I just can't justify that kind of money. I wanted something light too since most of my bonefishing is as far out as I can get and is almost exclusively wading.

Here is what I decided on.
The New Sage 2580 reel. It is under 6oz, large arbor, holds 200yds, suposed to be sealed and maintenance free and I have heard good things about the drag. I know of a guide in NC that uses them and has tested them on false albacore tighteining them way down and they stood up.

I am pairing it with a TFO TICR-X 7 wt. I have a 9wt and really like it. I plan to load the 7 with 8wt line thinking it would give me good distance and help load the rod fast for those short quick casts that are so important when bonefishing.

Thats a an outfit I think should work well, weighing under 11oz total and costing under $650 total. Can't wait to try it out.
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