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RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2

Possible Plans for the Rhody Clave P2

Watch Hill
Low 5:40 AM
High 11:45 AM
Low 5:30 PM

West Wall
Low 4:55 AM
High 11:05
Low 4:50

I want to hit Deep Hole, West Wall, Watch Hill, and Quonny. Idealy we could try for the last two hours of the out going tide. That would mean leaving here at 1:30AM (yea right!!!). So we could try for the first two hours of incoming. We would need to leave here at 4:00-4:30. I think we should try Watch Hill or Quonny first, then when the tide starts to go out again at noon go to deep hole???? The whether is key. They are calling for 57 degree high with showers, which doesn't make it look to good, but I am a fisherman and not held down by petty things such as common sense and reason.
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