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RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2

Hi All, I am sorry I haven't had the time this year as I am really tied up with moving to a new home. I am going to try and go and look around today on the Seekonk river.I know there is fish there. It is one of the better places for taking keeper size bass early in the season, The RI season opens April 23 for 2 fish 29" long. The reason this pace is so good is that the herring try to get up the falls at Omega Pond, but the only way they can is by the locals who net and put the fish back in above the dam. This makes it so that a run of herring is continued. The bass come right up to the dam and sometimes when the sun is out you can see them laying underneath the railroad bridge. There is quite a few spin fiahermen that go there and I have seen quite a few keepers in the past. If I get there today I will give a report tonight. TL
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