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Originally Posted by Smcdermott

Here is the link to Rio's site. I had no problem casting these lines. They are stiff and will require a good stretch each time out.

Thanks man I bought 1x 500gr intermediate + 1x500gr sinktip Rio Leviathan ($45 each), I bought a new Shilton SL 7 and backed it with 165 yards #80 dacron.

I testcasted the Intermediate and it proved to be somewhat problamatic, I streached it and all but my feeling is that it is a bit hevy for a #12 rod.

I need to develop a new techniqe to cast it efitiantly, and safely , as so far the line travals very low and violantly and ones one start to conect 6/0 to 10/0 hooks it will not be for the faint at heart !!
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