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RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2

My .02 - we're on the cusp... never know when you'll find a pack of bright migrating fish hitting everything in sight like they do when they first arrive, but there aren't yet enough of these marauding packs to get the odds up. My memories of April are "holy crap!" and "ho hum", in the same spot on consecutive tides. Of course this can happen everywhere but there always seems to be some action available when the hordes have arrived for the season. What's missing in early-mid April is consistency.

One would think pre-spawn schoolies should be on a push for our coastline, but then temperature and things like durations of sunlight and who knows what other factors are in play here. I know things are turning over, the pink cherry blossoms are just starting to come out as if in denial of the sleet and cold.

The smell of herring runs and annual habits of the older adults has got to have them sniffing around at the mouth of the herring-bearing rivers, but only after the spawning urge is sated down in the Chesapeake area.

If my wife didn't have the weekend locked up, I'd go just for the great feeling of being in the roaring surf. Good news is, it seems the Spring Clave is headed for a right-place, right-time kind of schedule!

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