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swistsure is the roughest run out of neah bay... period. especially if you are hitting it in the middle of a big ebb current (which i'm sure you were).

i've been out in 18 foot seas at neah... but it's a little hard to fish... but fun to see. the scariest in big waves was a foggy day in roughly 15 ft seas where the fog was so thick you couldn't see the top of the wave from the bottom.

big waves are okay if the wind direction is with the waves... but last spring i was out at the canadian long hole with 8-10 ft seas and a SE 45-50 knot wind.... and that was by far worse than anything else i had seen or run in before.... especially for 40 nautical miles. the big charter boats had microwaves come off the walls the pounding was so bad. almost every longtime neah bay fisherman has a SE wind story... now i have mine and know why many won't even go out if there is any SE wind in the forecast. if i had a different boat, i'm not sure how i would have fared that day. but that day did have the best client quote ever on my boat, i overheard this... "the captain must be doing something right, i've never puked before."

i've never dealt with the bars at the columbia or westport... but i've seen enough to know i would be cautious as hell. luckily, as sportfishermen we are rarely surprised by the weather... it is almost always forecast and we make the poor decisions that make the great stories when we make it back (or the devastating stories if we don't). i've pushed the limits more than i should of... just damn lucky.

with halibut season about to start... i hope people make good decisions about the weather and other boating issues.

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