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Hey Steelboneguy, I feel your pain...I know that Keys Tarpon can be hard to feed since they are pounded on so much these days. When I first began they were easier - I had hookups my first trip and I jumped a few but no landings. They have become in many ways 100 lb. permit - tough to feed. However, they do have their days - I've just read a couple of trip reports and one guy reported 43 hookups in 10 days and my guide reports they've been averaging about 5 hookups day as well - this could be one of those banner tarpon years. The other thing I'd say is that it's difficult to book only 2 days and expect a hookup - if the a cold front comes through, it's almost impossible to hook up unless you're name's Andy Mill. That's why whenever I go on a fishing trip like this I rarely book less than 5-7 days. Last year I had a bad year but the year before was excellent.
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