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Ok, what's your preference, Tarpon or Bonefish?

Okay, just wanted to start a thread here and see what kind of answers we get. Basically, which do you prefer to fish for, tarpon or bonefish, and why? There is no wrong or right answer, just wanted to see the views here. I will present a couple of views as well - I know that although Lefty Kreh has described the tarpon as perhaps the most exciting fish around, his favorite fish to stalk on a fly is bonefish due to the challenge of getting a hookup. On the other hand, Dan Blanton has relayed that he prefers tarpon and admits many anglers like bonefish and tarpon better because of the technical aspect of feeding them, he likes tarpon because there is no guarantee you will land one after a hookup whereas most permit and bones are pretty much foregone conclusion once you hoook up.

As for me, I prefer tarpon for the same reason - the main reason I like saltwater is the challenge of light tackle fishing against a fish where you are never sure that you will land it. I like fighting fish that are 8-12 times the size of my tippet and pushing my equipment to the limit, and sometimes past it. I like the toe-to-toe slugfests I get into with a fish, and the getting to the breaking point to see who blinks first, me or the fish. Tarpon exemplify all that I love about SW fishing, including beautiful surroundings, but most of all the slug fests where sometimes, as I put it, I have to get "street-fighter mean."
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