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wire weed guards

I tied up a slew of bonefish flies with mono weed guards for Belize where the turtle grass is really thick. I found that you cannot keep them in a box. The least bit of pressure on the mono while in the box will deform it, and you cannot bend it back. Therfore, I have been experimenting with stainless wire.
Dan Blanton uses two strands of Sevenstrand wire on his tarpon flies. It is tied in at the eye, and bent back to protect the hook on both sides. I have been doing the same for my bonefish flies.

Most likely, you local framing shop carries a woven stainless steel wire with a plastic coating. they usually carry wire that will support picures up to 100#. For bonefish, I use the lightest which is 15 pounds. The wire doesn't have to be strong. It just has to move the fly away from the grass. It doesn't have to move the grass.
When tying on the wire, I use a piece two or three inches long, fold it in the center, go through the eye in a downward direction, and tie the fold in on top of the hook. I leave the wire projecting foreward and out of the way while tying the fly. You can bend it anytime, even on the water.
This light wire bends easily, and you must check your fly often. You can fold it out of the way if you want. Then put it back in position when neccessary. It is a lot easier to tie in than mono.

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