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Low budget, great fun!

Wayfarer 9ft 8wt 5pc and as a back up I have a Global Fly Fisherman 8wt 4 pc
during the pike season the GFF took the overhand, and I now prefer it to the wayfarer.
Reel: SA a large arbour 79 I think its the 2 series, comes in a plastic display box and retails for around 35 dollars.
Line also SA, 8wt bonefish taper floating and a mastery sinking also WF-8

If someday Ill be a big grown up veterinarian, maybe Ill buy a sage. I would love to fish the Bones in Aruba with a SP 6wt (with fighting butt), but unfortunately the SP series is not continued. So if anybody of you ever wants to get rid of one......
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