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My goals are relatively simple and the same as last year:
1. Continue to try and learn at least one more thing each time out;
2. Study patterns of fish behavior at various times in the season and at various stages of the tides;
3. Be observant of attention and when something works or doesn't, try and figure it out;
4. Explore new locations and changes in the topography;
5. Continiue to share what little I know with others, as they have shared with me....this one is probably the best experience that I have had. Helping a few newbies last year was almost as much fun as catching fish myself...maybe more so.
6. Enjoy being out there, no matter the success or lack thereof;
7. Remember to put Celebrex in my backpack and not forget as I did last week ;
8. Be thankful for each moment fishing;
9. Avoid getting a ticket on the way down :-)
10. Continue to enjoy our fine Captain's humor!
11. Continue to enjoy fishing with the friends that I have made and meet new ones.
If I succeeed at the above...the rest will come naturally.
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