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Love these threads

Ahh, goal time. I love goals.

1. Score the elusive 40 inch or 25 pound fish. I too plan to throw huge flies at cow bass. I bought some yak streamer hair last week and I will tie some huge mackeral patterns that I will fish from my kayak in the Piscataqua throughout the month of June. I will buy a depth finder for the yak and use the finder and a nautical map to target structure on the river that I think will hold fish. Then I will put my hypotheses to the ultimate test!

2. I also plan to find legitimate sight fishing opportunities in Hampton Harbor. I know they exist and I know that I can paddle to some awesome looking Mecca like bars in the Harbor. Now I just need to find some white sand and shallow water that holds crabs and worms and is located near a safe retreat for the bass. I will scout the area in early June and I vow to put in 2 solid outings in the month of June.

3. I really started to dial in the Fall run on one of NH's most beautiful beaches last year. This year I plan to take my new found knowledge of the area to new heights of success via targeted fly dredging of a certain rock pile that holds huge bass in the late August through mid-September time frame. I will dredge the depths until they show on top and then I will toss flies right into the melee.

4. I need to get out fishing with Seuss, my brother and father, my 6 year old nephew and my 81 year old grandmother at least once in 2006. And I want them all to hook up into a 20" plus fish.

That is it for now....
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