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1) Weakfish on fly. I have high hopes for May 7th. (Jamaica Bay Kayak fishing tourney) and will post results. They still get good runs down there in the early season - right under the JFK flight-path . The ultimate would be the early season "slam" Striper, Weakfish and Bluefish.

2) Beat the Canal into submission with the double hander - why should the plug guys have all the fun Could be interesting this year with the herring ban - I hope so!

3) Targetting big fish is on my agenda also. I plan to do the night-time thing in the Surf. Also throwing ludicrously big patterns when the cows are munching on Shad in the estuaries and breachways.

4) Explore more of the refuge with the Kayak this season, especially July / August. The latest Google statelite photo looks fairly up to date. Only scratched the surface of West Common last season.
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