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Goals for the year

Now that the twinkie parade is on and spawning is in high gear down south, I thought I would see what people are thinking this year for milestones in their angling development.

The past few have had some great checkmarks for me but there's always room for improvement.

I want to shift more effort toward specifically targeting big bass on the fly this year. For me that means fishing at least as much with the 11/12wt (2hnd) as the 9wt - anything on the upside of 15 pounds is a nice fish, 20# a good one, and 30# makes the grade. 40# is the dream. This is over and above the flats venue which is not so much about size but guile, will never give that up. But I am going to exploit fast deep rips with huge flies on big lines with two hands in more places than I have in the past, typically Chatham Inlet or the Monomoy Rip, where the technique was deadly. Also work big surf structures with flies big enough to choke a horse but not a cow striper. I am hoping some of the honey holes are holding adult herring again. I like to fish during the day, but if I have to go to night fishing to find the monsters then so be it. Some new fly designs are going to be necessary, some resembling billfish patterns

With the southway closing, the upper refuge basin will have very warm water mid-summer with a few residents working the darkening bottom for crabs and worms, etc. Much different game than the sand eel eaters near the opening. I want to turn a few tricks with these guys in the heat of the dog days as well, a very challenging achievement as many of you know in late July and early August.

Also to make real a dozen new fly patterns I have drawn up on paper that have not made it to the bench yet, inspired by two years of Acklins flats fishing but with stripers in mind.

Oh yeah and two-hand fish the Canal a few times to see if Skagit casting can work there
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