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RE:reepots from the field

Last night, I slept like I had been awake for two days straight...oh wait, I <i>was</i> awake that long

It was worth it. I still can't believe we saw Bonito this late in the season. I'll let those involved tell the full tale, but here's the Reader's Digest version: Captain Ray was cruising along with Jim, Chuck, and Dana when out of no where they start seeing breaks right off the bow. Jim looked down into the water and saw green flashes just as Ray hurled out a fly. Two seconds later, it was screaming drag and figure eights around the boat. A nice 7lb. Bone made the perfect appetizer on the grille that night at the camp dinner. Now I know why we all get so crazy over these fish. They taste better than anything I've ever eaten.

Saturday was a tough day with the wind right in our faces. Even plugs were getting blown back to shore. Many of us found fish. They weren't always where we expected them and we had to work for it, but that's always the way it seems to go in the Fall.

Brian and I were over at Galilee in my tin boat. We had a blast and I'm happy to report that after only a couple months of ownership, my boat has had the fly rod skunk removed from it. Brian's 20" shad seemed to open the flood gates for me. I hooked up shortly after that. We spent most of the morning catching shad and willing the stripers to move in. They never did. We had tried to run the gauntlet to get outside the Point Judith jetties, but standing waves and 5' rollers forced us back into the protected bay.

After an improvised lunch at the docks, complete with Jen's killer chocolate chip cookies, Brian headed off for the afternoon session at Napatree while Jen and I got to spend some quality time together casting after the shad as the tide filled in. She never did manage to hookup this weekend, but her casting is coming along nicely, and I fully expect her to be out fishing me next season

Dusk was far more productive than the dawn. The Napatree crowd found a classic Fall fishing experience. So did Terry and Sully at Quonny. GregO's pics tell part of the tale. I leave the rest for those who experienced it. I headed in around 4 PM to regroup, take a cat nap, and start dinner. It was while getting the camp fire going and sprinkling the bonito fillet with Old Bay that Jim let me use his Palm VII to post the first message in this thread. Looking back at the length of this post, perhaps that's all I should <i>allowed</i> to us on this board

...more to come...
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