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Originally Posted by tight-lines
Thanks for the kind critique's
Does anyone have any comments on some of the "bunny" tarpon patterns I see on the websuch as the "toad". It seems to me they may sink at a faster rate once the fur is water logged but they also must get pretty heavy to cast. I've also seen that technique of using the mono loop to help stop fouling, looks like agood idea.
thanks for the input!

I been very successful with bunny type flies when fishing for trophy northn pike (42" or more) up in Manitoba. And, I intend to do the same when fishing for tarpon in Belize. I'm a very lazy fly tryer and try to keep things as simple as possible. I'll be tying on 37004 0/2 and 0/3 Mustads. The total length of the fly will be 4-5". Keeping it simple, I first tie in a loop at the bend of the hook, then the tail (with a few slivers of flash on either side of the tail, but not past the tail), then palmer a cross-cut rabbit in from the tails tie in up to the eye. sometimes I'll build up the area around the eye so that I can put on some eyes, but most of the time the flies are eyeless (lazy, eh?). When using these flies (some up to 7-8") for pike, I've had no problem tossing them. Even though they get water logged, they are so streamlined, that there is no wind resistance, and they are real easy to throw. BWT, although I'm not a bad caster, I'm not the greatest, either.

Interestingly, my flyshop guy suggested that I do a little Merkin like head (using poly yarn) for these flies, so that they won't sink too fast. However, it would seem to me that once casted, the stripping should keep the fly from going below the tarpon. Although, having a little "neutral-like" bouyancy may make for a somewhat better controlled presentation. What do you think?
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