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Adrian... I remember it well... Penguin yelling at me to reach down deep in my soul and mind and "survive"... " John, don't be so wimmpy just get back in the yak"...But Pete "I can breath"...Pete.."well breath for God sake"... Roop, " Pete, how will he know how to do that", and Roop and Penguin coming to my rescue since I could not get back in the yak and then stripping down bare skined to warm up once I got on shore.... I know you guys were amazed at my physique... Towing me back.... outgoing tide....I loved it.... I said to penguin when we went out that my tri-balance yaK wil not filp over and then at some point I reach over to the front of the yak to release my spider anchor and I flip out.... Reminds me of old Doogue who left off Chatham harbor south to get to the mecca at 5 AM... yaks out about 5 feet and flips over.... we met him later in the day at the light house but .... I think he spent the day at at the Squire.... very dry by then... great guy! Ahhh Those were the days

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