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Fish Whacker/Priest


I have lurched on this forum for quite some time and noticed that fish whackers (what we would call them back in Oregon) and priests (what our friends in the UK call them) really aren't discussed here or on any fly fishing sites (in general). People will mention bonking fish, but no one ever goes beyond that.

When I was in Americorps, I remember an intercity Denver event where a swimming pool (unchlorinated) was filled with farmed rainbows so that kids that never got out of town could be exposed to fishing. The stupid thing that the organizers didn't think of was proper dispatching of the fish. I rember 8-10 year olds throwing these trout in the air, crying kids, flopping fish and horrible abuse of fine animals.

From that day forward, I realized truly how far removed (ignorant) most modern (American) humans are from proper methods of how to kill fish. I know that Catch and Release (C&R) is the seemingly preferred method of angling these days, but shouldn't there be at least one post about proper fish dispatching??

The talk about gear here is proficient, but I haven't seen any posts directly regarding this bloodsport aspect of our chosen recreation. I think that a thread about proper (respectful even) killing of our fish is in order.

Since the wife moved us to Wyoming, I find that the only way to get quality fish is to kill them myself (or herself when my wife is doing the bonking). My wife really prefers her custom whacker that she carved in high school shop class and used when she volunteered at a hatchery along the Columbia.

This is very unPETA of me, but do you carry a fish whacker? Did you make it yourself? Purchase it? Is it a multitool (I've seen photos of a sweet brass tipped priest that is also has a quality fold out bottle opener)?

Good fishing and good eats,

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