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As far as a "Saltwater proof" reel, there really no such thing. Even sealed drag reels are not saltwater proof. No matter what reel you buy, it is very important to take care of it. Make sure you clean it with warm fresh water whenever you are finished fishing in the saltwater. Even the high end 600 dollar reels need the TLC.

Now for the Rod. If you save some more money, you can find a St. Croix that would suit you just fine. I fished with them for years, they are great starter rods and will last for some time. As far as line weight, you should be fine with an 8 weight, it will be fine for the reds and bass, but a bit overkill for crappie and perch.

When figuring out your budget, remembe the little things too. You have already touched on the line, but don't forget leaders, a good set of pliers/forceps, flies, or fly tying materials, and a stripping basket.

I would follow baldmountains advice and talk to a local fly shop, with a good reputation.

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