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Spring Clave Fishing Options

I remember being somewhat frustrated driving to the Cape for my first real venture out into the cyber fishing world as a new member. I did not know any faces or names other than the computer handle names I had seen in posts over the winter leading up to the Spring Clave. I didn't know where to go so I just jumped on the Rip Ryder and headed out with a crew. I ended up fishing with Paxton and we had a ball at J Bouy. My new found obsession with the FFF was beginning to unfold.

With this in mind I'm sure some of our new members and old alike will be in the dark as to where to fish, what fly choice and who to buddy up with.

If you do not have someone to fish with and don't want to head out alone, here is your chance to ask for help.

We could gather Thursday and Friday night somewhere on a casual basis after dinner for cocktails to discuss plans for the weekend. Those who are new get questions answered and options filled.

So many places to fish.. friends to little time.
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