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I'm not so sure that Frank wont be running again. Those of his ilk are never sated in their quest to bulldoze, pave and make their back-room deals with their corporate fat-cat buddies and sleazy local cronies. Whether it be the Gravina Island or Knik Arm Bridges or roads up Lynn or Bradfiled Canals, Frank's all for 'em -local projects and maintenance of existing works be damned.

Frank's just put an order to erect new construction signs for all state projects. Not just new ones, but existing signs will be replacesd so that his crocodile grin and flabby jowls can leer at the public for $2500 a pop. Smells of publically-funded campaigning to me -unless of course it's soley bloated ego.

As salmo states, this guy is not popular. But that aint no guarantee in any means that he wont get re-elected.

Whether he runs again or not, Moonlight has it right where this fat cat will end up and what he'll be doing -unless of course he's "consulting" like Ben Stevens, Neil Bush, et al, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

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