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RE:Prospecting for new spots (Nahant)

I had to revive this ol thread to give the scouting report. Went out to my wife's grandmothers today at Nahant as planned. It was a great surprise to find her raring to go. Great to see some fishing research bring her joy. This lady in her late 70s was pumped. She's trying to get the latest sticker on her car for me too, and had a couple of public access spots to show me (resident only).
She showed me the way to "40 Steps" beach out by East Point.
There is sticker parking there only (which I have!) It was low tide, and you would not believe the classic cliffs that were exposed. 10 to 20' high with the high water mark most of the way up. Incredible structure! Northeastern U. has their Marine Lab there which I knew. But what I didn't know is: once you park in the resident sticker lot you can walk through the Northeastern property out to East point proper.
All in all, this place looks incredible, and I'm told, low fishing pressure due to the private property thang. When the stripers come in I'm heading out there to catch some high tides. Be glad to take one at a time with me.

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