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The governor is pushing for an faster approval process for the company.

He will be lucky if he get 30% votes in November.
If they approved the mine , it will be long way before the mine become reality.
The approval process has to be corrupted, so it will be challenged in the court!
Stevens is against it ( at least one positive move on his site).
Under the new president ( 2008), the federal government may challenge it under clean water act. .

If McCain wins, watch ........ He is against right wing agenda, specially when they break the law, destroy environment to make quick $. He is strong proponent of action against global warming, drilling in ANWR etc.
If Hilary wins, the mine will never see the light too
Saying that, we have to fight the toxic ideas born in the head of Bush alias ( Murkowski, whose popularity is around 30%, like Bush)
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