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RE:Prospecting for new spots (Nahant)

I kept my boat in Hingham last summer, so I exited the inner harbor area via Hull Gut often. I fished it quite a bit, usually drifting on an outgoing tide and casting into the rock reef on the Peddocks island side, although sometimes I could actually position into a back-eddy, turn the motor off, and cast into the 4 knot current of the channel without really moving--pretty cool. I usually steer clear of the Hull side due to shore anglers but a great rip does set up there.

I have never taken any big fish there on the fly though, I must confess. Tons of small to medium sized fish. It gets an insane amount of boat traffic, and i have almost dinged the rocks a few times trying to get into the structure. Had some rookies in the boat one day during small craft warnings, and my buddie hooked a real nice fish on a pencil popper--broke off 20 lb. test. I heard a couple years ago somebody took a 50 lb. fish there in the middle of a hot day on a mackerel chunk--guess you never know.

Terry, I plan on shooting up to Nahant this year by boat to try the Southern facing shoreline, which looks pretty good on the chart--we will have to exchange our success and failures...
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