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RE:Prospecting for new spots (Nahant)

Hmmm...pollock patterns. Well, although I know none of you personally, other than very briefly introducing myself to Juro at the Marlboro show, I will confide in you this secret. My number one pattern for big bass last year around Boston was a pollock pattern--all spawned by my taking a 29 lber on a live pollock one hot July afternoon. My pattern is a take off of a grocery fly, if i had a fancy scanner I'd post it. But, why bother when there is a pollock pattern in the Bob Veverka book that looks even better than mine. And who tied it? You guessed it, Ted Lewis (see above posts). Coincidence? Probably not.

The spun deerhair is really a great idea--with a fast sinking line off the cliffs you should be able to get some good depth which will then be offset by the neutral buoyancy of the fly between strips or on swings in the current. The two-toned spun hair also looks very cool (the top half is green and the bottom half white if you don't have the book).

I get ancy just thinking about dredging 9" pollock patterns around all the deep rock structure around greater Boston. I'd say you are on to something. Will trade pollock pattern for trip to Nahant
jeff g.
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