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RE:Prospecting for new spots (Nahant)

Such entrepreneurial spirit. I guess this site needs at least some measure of commerce to keep the fires burning. It's just too much to expect someone to keep a large effort like this board running simply for the love of it. So I am stepping up to the plate and accepting it (not that it's up to me, I'm just coming out in support of it). I trust the level of give and take will remain high. I'm benefitting, for sure. As far as sales of reports, I'm from the show me state. Need to see how these things might materialize. Not looking for monetary gains really (unless it's huge and I need one of them new Reddington Reels). But the site will need it.

As for Nahant, well I at least have a parking spot out there on Little Nahant, possibly wheels too. Could be a fun project. I envision small Pollack near the rocks as I've seen in Rockport and the Isle of Shoals. Any Pollack patterns?

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